Linking you to resources and support in the lung cancer community!

I received my dx yesterday:  SCLC which seems confined to the left lung (the one nodule and lymph nodes).  The pulmonologist believes that chemo will be able to deal with it and he's set me up for an appointment with a medical oncologist at Mt. Sinai.  When I asked about the adrenal gland (which they couldn't biopsy a couple of weeks ago), he said that if the chemo is working and shrinks the mass on the adrenal gland, then that will show that it is cancerous.  If it doesn't, then the tumor is not cancerous.  I meet with the oncologist on March 2.  I have a second opinion consultation scheduled for Tuesday, March 6.  

My internist (whom I saw today) cited some grim statistics (2 months to 2 years), despite the fact that everyone says that the statistics don't really convey much.    I have seen survivor stories on the support groups that were far more encouraging.  

I also had a brain MRI on Wednesday (Feb. 28) which showed 3 small lesions (2 on the left, one on the right).  

Any information that you might be able to provide about similar situations you have been in would be greatly appreciated.  You can e-mail me privately if you wish.  

I am beside myself, as so many of you well know.

Thanks for your support.


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Hi again Kath, It's good you received your dx. I don't know that much about SCLC except that it is generally more responsive to chemo than NSCLC. Like you said, don't pay any attention to the statistics. You aren't a statistic, you are you and you will do well. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



Hi Kath,

Oh gosh, well - receiving bad news always stinks. On the plus side, you are in a city with some of the best cancer centers in the world, lots of research studies and lots of support groups. Try not to listen to stats. They are pretty worthless when it comes down to it. they are just a bunch of averages that don't tell us anything even close to the full story. 

Hang in there! 


Silly as it sounds Kath, getting the horrible diagnosis brings you to the starting point of fighting the war,  Amy is right, you are in an area rich in resources. Take full,active advantage of those as well as any complimentary aspects of care.  It all helps.  There are many survivors out here; most often we keep a low profile.  I am one of them as I had SCLC broaching on 20 years ago (as of Mar 13).  As a nurse, then and now (boy am I old!!), I too received a grim prognosis and my well meaning colleagues were giving me statistical information that was upsetting and draining and to which I didn't need to waste my energy resources on.  Indeed you are not the statistic and I've said this to others when these numbers are matter of factly given.  You are your own unique set of healing cells, different from the rest..don't forget that and do your best to distract yourself from the numbers. Focus on the healthy core in you.  It's still there..  Stay the tide and keep in touch...bronie

Hi Kath,

You hit a hard bump in the road but keep the faith and it will get better :)  I found this while searching for info for my sister.  I hope it's OK to post here (if not, someone let me know).  This was written by a man who was given 3 months to live, got another opinon/treatment & lived for 20 something more years.  You can download it & read it on the computer or they will send you the book.  There is a couple more books on this website.  It was very uplifting & insightful.  Check it out if you get a chance.  I'm glad to hear you are getting a 2nd opinion.  Sending hugs, prayers & wishing you the very best.





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