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Before my cancer diagnosis, certain aches and pains didn't bother me much. Now, I always wonder whether they indicate something more sinister.  Last week, after carrying my heavy cat in his cat carrier on the way into the vets, I found I had pain in the leg on that side.  I assumed I had just strained a leg muscle because of carrying that weight.  But now that I  still have the pain after a week, I start to think, "How do I know this isn't bone pain?"   Well, fortunately, I am scheduled to see the oncologist next week anyway for a routine check up, so I will ask.

Do others fiind themselves a bit paranoid like this?


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Hi Eric, that's a really good point to bring up and I think the answer is absolutely yes. I know I have little aches and pains that never would have even been even noticable before. Now they seem like they are major issues. I guess the answer is to ask the oncologist like you said and hope it isn't some kind of cancer related pain. I guess we all become a little bit hypochondriatic (is that a word?) after a serious medical issue. I have been having shoulder pain and went to get an MRI. It turned out to be some tendonitis so it's nothing to worry about. I'm sure this is a very common thing. Thanks for posting. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



Thanks, David,

I hope my leg pain turns out to be just ordinary, as was your shoulder. I was something hypochondriacal before the cancer, so it is not surprising if I am a bit more so now.


Guys, I really don't think hypochondria or paranoia are real descriptions.............self-preservation is more the matter.  I have had recurring pains in a leg for a couple weeks, and now have a lump developing as well.  Also pain very similar to that which indicated the need for diagnosis in my right lung when the cancer was found.  I have called my HemOnc and have scans and labs this week to check things out.  We have been down this road with headaches also and MRI's to rule out brain mets.  The thing is, if we DON'T check it out, we may just check out!  Not an option I want to avail myself of.  Pain is usually an indication something is wrong...........we just need to find out how much is wrong and stop it before it's too far progressed.


If in doubt get it checked out.  Hopefully it's nothing major but you don't know if nobody looks.  Peace of mind is huge & you don't need anything else to worry about :)

Best of luck!

It is understandable that you would think your pain is cancer related.  Hopefully it will prove to be nothing serious. 

As a cancer survivor I mention everything I can think of when I see a doctor just to make sure they are aware of all my aches and pains, something that may seem minor to us could be a major symptom that our Doctors may want to check out.

Take Care

Hi Eric,
Yes I'm always concerned about the various aches and pains I experience since lung surgery. It's been a year since I had surgery and I've been having sharp pain in my hips, arms, chest and back area. I have gone back n forth to my surgeon and onocologist. Neither one seems to think its a big deal since my ct scans are looking okay. But I'm still concerned..I have a scheduled appt. with my rheumatologist next month and hopefully I get some relief.

I definately relate. It's been two months since my surgery and every little twinge worries me. Oh and I have never seen an oncologist. Just Pulmo and Surgeon. Is that ok?

Matt:  If I were you I would get in to see an oncologist ASAP........surgeons are okay, for what they do, and primaries the same, but your disease needs the attention of someone familiar with all of the various nuances it presents, and most cutters/primaries are not that........pulmos are good for the copd issues, but again, most also want to consult with onc docs as well..........

Guess my bottom line is cancer deserves a cancer doc..........and more than that, YOU deserve someone who can address your situation with knowledge............

Keep us posted and let us know if we can help any way.


Thanks Sarge. I will do that. I have an appointment with Primary doc on 17th and will get a referral then. I too think it's a good idea. It's just that things happened so fast that I wasn't really even aware of what I needed to do and just had to trust my doctors.


Just one more thing I have found your docs, but trust your gut more............example could be, did your docs ever refer you to an oncologist, or just do their thing and nothing more?  It sounded that way to me, and also that your gut was telling you there needed to be more.......been doing that for over 60 years, and it has seldom failed me.......


Matt, Sarge is right!  Get thee to an oncologist!  They are the doctors who keep their hands in (so to speak) the world of cancer on a daily basis.  Find one, and make sure you feel comfortable with him/her.  If not, find another one!  Someone who you can take an ache/pain/worry to and feel good about doing so.



Hi Matt, 

Just to chime in here too, not everyone is referred to an oncologist (especially when it's really early and you don't have to have chemo or radiation), but it is important for you to have someone to do follow up scans with to make sure the cancer doesn't come back. But it doesn't hurt to get an onc to look at your records and make sure that you are doing appropriate follow up. 



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