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Just got back from MD Anderson. Spent four days there with various doctors. My wife went through the typical workups and scans to make a long story short her scan said that the chemotherapy was doing it's job and her tumors were stable. She has had 15 rounds of avastin, alimta, and carboplatin. The doctor even suggested stopping the carboplatin, which is a huge relief. (she was dx Feb 25th with stage IV Non small cell lung cancer)
When she was first diagnosed all we could think about was the statistics. We assumed the worst, we were preparing for what to do in six months when she wasn't here. Here we are almost one year later and she is in better shape then when we first found out. What we have learned is that she is not a statistic! Those stats are old the advancements in treatments have come along way in the last five years. We still have "scan anxiety" but each scan makes us appreciate what we still have. And that is each other and our two children.
To put in a plug for MD Anderson. The doctors there are very understanding and accommodating. We stayed at the Rotary house that is connected to the hospital and the folks there cater to the hospital patients. We went with some family support and when we weren't in with the docs we sent quality time with them exploring Houston. If anyone gets the chance to go do not pass it up.

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Congrats and good for you for not listening to the stats. We are not statistics, we are individual people and we can make it. Keep up the good work. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



Hi Picaso! 

This is great news! Stability is good! And it's always good to hear about experiences at various cancer centers. 

You are right, your wife is not a statistic. Good for you for ignoring them.

Best wishes, 


Hi Picaso, I too go to MD Anderson and I think it is the most wonderful and humbleing place on this earth.  I am very blessed to live 25.5 miles away from 1515 Holcomb.  The first time I went there I complained about the traffic ( horrible in Houston) but when I started seeing people rolling their suitcases behind them I promised God I would never complain about driving in again.  This is my second go round and it is so good to read post like yours  I wish the very best for you and your wife and family.

I REALLY needed this post. Thanks! I have a scan in a month and scanxiety has begun to take its hold. . So happy for you and your wife.




Congrats! No individual is a statistic, always remember that! Glad things are positive right now, enjoy it!


I am so very glad things are working out for you.  That is wonderful.  Keep on keeping on. 

God bless


Thanks everyone for the support. The last year has been crazy with all the ups and downs, mostly downs. On the 25th of Feb this year we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of survival. I wasn't sure how to approach it but the closer it got the more I realized we needed to celebrate it. After going down the road everyone seems to go when first DX, get online and look for the worst, I thought if this is going to be her last few months does she want to spend them worrying and depressed or sucking every bit of life from the smallest thing.  Last night my wife and I were on the couch in the living reading and the house was quiet when my from our bedroom we heard our 8yr old daughter erupted in laughter. We looked at each other and knew that our dog was in there with her just licking her all over. We looked at each other and smiled then cried. Life is good.

How awesome and happy anniversary!  I wish you many more :)

Congratulations on your 1-yr survival anniversary! What a wonderful attitude you have- what an inspiration to us all to remember to live and enjoy life while we can. Thank you!


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