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Hi, a fellow survivor asked me the other day , do you still have anxiety over every ache and pain thinking it might be cancer returning?
Well I've certainly have had many days wondering if this is the pain that this is definatly cancer. I catch a cold and immediately it goes to a tumor is blocking my airway.
12 yrs and it is a lot better but there are those days when you're down and what else could happen?
I'm curious does anybody have any other experience or suggestions you'd like to share. There are so many who could use some tips.
God bless,

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Hi again John, I think we all have anxiety to some extent when we face cancer or any serious medical condition. In my case, I was having problems breathing when I layed down while I was receiving my treatments. The Oncologist said my breathing wasn't the problem it was anxiety. He gave me a prescription for xanax and the problem went away. The problem has improved significantly in the 2 1/2 years since but I still take the xanax occasionally.  Thanks for the post. Looking forward to hearing about other experiences. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...




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