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It's that time of year to choose our insurance. The company I was using no longer is writing these policies. Has anyone found a great plan. I'm guessing one does not exist. Most don't even cover Tarceva and other expensive drugs. I also want one that will allow me to go out of state to places like MD Anderson.

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You can call Medicare who will advise you on the various policies available in your state and the differences between the policies.  They will not endorse one over the other, but they will help you sort thru your options.  I have used them several times and always found them to be helpful.  1-800-MEDICARE


When you talk about covering certain drugs you are talking about Part D coverage that is separate from Parts A and B which covers MD and hospital services.  Sounds like you want to pick a new policy for both.



I'm sorry I do not my husband is retired military so I have Medicare a and b and then tricare for life because I'm disabled. Sorry wish I could help..good luck. I know when I was looking for a supplement before I knew about tricare no one would insure me as I was preexisting or if they did it was so expensive. But I'm not sure if that bill Obama put in place is good luck and God Bless


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