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A second thought on this question ....


Yesterday I met someone, who upon hearing my condition, asked the question we've all come to dread....  "Did you smoke?"


As I swung into my usual response, she cut me off and said "me too ....."  and all of a sudden I realized I've heard this before.  Several times.  Including an IL Congressman in his office.


I am now beginning to rethink this question.  And the response. 


Have any of you asked the question of the person asking?  "Did YOU smoke?"   I'd be very interested in knowing your experience - as I believe many who ask are thinking of themselves.


What do you think?





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Hi Dave,

Good to see you're up and about!  I agree with you about purer tobacco years ago, and I'm sure they developed filters for people like me...BUT (and here goes the but) after researching and reading a lot these days, I will never say that smoking is the only cause of my LC.  When in high school and Army basic training, running track and field, I remembered how weak my lungs seemed to be.  After the mile run or a sprint, my chest would really hurt, but not wanting to complain much, I just figured everyone felt the same way after a hard run, so just suck it up Art, and keep on running and not complaining.  I think my lungs were probably my weakest organ in my body.  And after years of exposure to all the elements, and many years of "Stress" of various kinds, that is where the cancer found it's invasion point....the weakest spot.  I might be full of crap, but I might be right on the mark too....for whatever that's worth....LOL!



And I bet this conversation and debate will go on and on for years to come.  Just wish others would at least consider some of the other factors as to why we develop lung cancer, instead of labeling us "The scum of the earth" and making believe we all "Got" what we deserve because we smoked!

Art I agree that there may not have been time to test it back then and it was needed at the time and the fact that we really didn't think chemicals were harmful to us (human arrogance of being invincible!), but there is time now and Monsanto continues a horrid rampage against small farmers and continues to make deadly chemicals and genetically modified seeds.

I wonder how different is Agent Orange to Round-Up....both are "designed" to wipe out vegetation...ALL VEGETATION except Monsanto plants that are Round0Up ready - that have been injected with E. Coli (when in seed stage) and will not die when sprayed with a deadly toxin....that's just down-right scary.

Now they are making plants that will not reproduce so more and more farmers have to buy their seeds. When it comes to seeds and plants...who knows better on how to create them? Scientists or God? Yes we have a choice to buy or not to buy. But powerful companies like Monsanto make it difficult and extremely expensive to live and eat the organic way. With all the advertising that goes on and "brainwashing" people into believing "science" is a good thing for us it is very difficult to break away from it and return to a time when there were no chemicals. I would love to do just that....if I could afford it. But that would also mean goin back to horse and buggy I guess!! LOL


College is fun no matter what your age. Good for you that you are going! It keeps your mind active and keeps you looking forward to learning!

I am a smoker and so is my husband.  He has decided to continue smoking ?  I just ignore the question and usually people don't "get ugly" ?



TamaTam this is a good answer~!   I will try it out ...  I'm so used to being the 'good girl' and answering questions when asked~!  


Interesting about your husband deciding to continue to smoke.  I myself didn't want to give it up - but I did for my 50th birthday.    When I spoke to my hairdresser about quitting, she said to me "no way~!  all the people I know who gave it up got lung cancer~!"    I had nothing to say to that~!     mekbride

Hi mekbride;


My husband is 65.  Young, but not that young so he decided to continue smoking.  He has enough on his plate without withdrawl from smoking to.

And TamaTam...he still has the dignity to choose for himself....good for him!



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