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Good morning to all....I have LC  and COPD,  use Advair and Allbuterol.  My doctor says its ok for me to exercise.  I bought  a treadmill so I can walk inside,  my question is how do I decide I have gone too far.  Last week had an episode while walking,I had to use rescue inhaler and I couldn't catch my breath,  really scared me.     Now I  keep incline and speed down for fear it will happen again.  Any ideas.  Julie

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It sounds like you probably over-did it. We have to start out really slow. While I was doing my treatments, just a walk outside to the mail box or around the house for a few minutes was about all I could tolerate. Now I've worked up to 2 -3 miles. If you feel dizzy or like you cant breath, it's time to back off a little bit but don't stop. Unless of course your doctor tells you to stop which I don't think they probably will. Listen to your body and keep it up. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



You're on thre right track!!  Agree with David in listening to your body.  Am 3B NSCLC person.....just celebrated 3 years since diagnosis, and early on decided to NOT let this stuff slow me down too much.  Last October, did the marine Corps Marathon thing with team Lung Love in DC.  As an old Marine, it meant double to me..............made about 16 miles walking, and then family made the old man stop as edema was pretty bad in the hands............BUT, at least made some of it.......I really believe a good dela of what we accomplish in our little skirmishes with this stuff is 90%+ heart and faith......

Keep at it and you'll find it gets better over time..............shoot for the moon and you'll at least reach the stars!!!!




   We are all individuals,exercise should be gradually taken up.Since my dx,I have joined a gym and exercise Mon-Fri,three days its gym and swim,two days yoga and swim.Some days I do more than others,its about listening to your body and not to push too hard.I would particularly recommend yoga to you,its all about breathing,relaxation and stretching muscles you never even knew you had,again you work at it at your own level and not the others in your class.I have to say since I started I have felt so much better,mentally and physically.

Hi- I think that you need to talk to your dr. and see what he has to say. But as a lay person with 14 yrs on one side and 4 on the other I use a rescue inhaler BEFORE I exercise. This is so that I can get the most out of my workouts. But David is right, you need to start out slowly and learn to breathe correctly. believe it or not you  have to slow your breathing down when exercising. Your local rehab center can show you these tricks. Ask your dr. for more info on it.

Best of luck!!!  You'll get there!!!


Since you have LC and COPD you may need to use an Oximeter to watch your oxygen levels and heart rate. This will give you an idea of how strenuous the exercise you are capable of handling. It can be frightening when you feel as if you will pass out from lack of O2. Build up your endurance gradually adding a few more steps each day and soon you will be walking the distance.
Good luck and have fun.


 Good for you exercising! You should probably tell your doctor what happened and ask if you could possibly be scheduled for a pulmonary stress test - I had one. They hooked me up to an EKG (for the heart) and a pulse oximeter (for lung saturation). While monitoring they had me walk on a treadmill with gradually increasing pace and gradient. A pulmonologist should be able to help you with this test. We know that exercise is good for us - and we know that we need to increase our exercise to help our pulmonary status improve - but we need to be safe at all times!

Good luck!



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