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3rd treatment of chemo was last week.  It took 6 days to eliminate waste after the 2nd treatment.  This time around it took 4 days, but it also took about 25 pitted prunes, and 80 mils of Lactulose Solution to move things thru.  I drink approx. 40 ounces of boiled water, and about 24 ounces of 3/4 water and 1/4 of apple or cranberry juice.    

Yesterday, when handling this dilemma...... I wondered if the hard round shaped... similar to atoms... was actually each of the meds they put in the sodium cholride solution.   

Today, nothing yet, and we have to eat for nurishment.

Racking out my brain of what I could eat next treatment session that would help eliminate or assist this issue.



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Miralax was my savior. I used it every day during my entire treatment. You can buy it OTC and I just added it to my coffee twice a day. Take care, Judy

Thanx Judy.  Mineral oil seemed to help alot more than the Lactulose Solution prescribed. Since you aren't suppose to exceed 3 tablespoons in 24 hrs., adding it to my drinks makes sense.  Today is a dehyration treatment... I will add 1.5 to the water I drink while doing it and see how that works.  R.

Thanx, Judy.    I guess we have to see what works individually.  Both the Lactulose Solution and recently Mineral Oil just isn't doing the trick.  I find bouts of nausea gets worse during this time.   It's been a few days... and this morning I wondered at one point do I worry.

Being constipated can cause nausea. Try the Miralax and continue to drink lots of fluids.

Take care, Judy

Hi- I also used Miralax. Eat beans too. I agree that being constipated will make you nauseous, but if it's very bad ask you oncologist for something for it and for the constipation. Good luck.

Wow, before all of this started beans was a staple twice a week.  I stopped eating them and I miss them, have been wracking out my brain on how to re-incorporate them into my diet.  Thought about puree-ing them in a blender to make digestion easier. Thanx... I will venture bringing this back.... but I got to tell you... even though I eat alot of 'fiber' . .  having things move along especially during that 3 days treatment has been an uncomtfortable job. and it's a topic not talked about.. but talking more and more to 'survivors' it is the biggest 'chemo' problem.  R.

Several suggestions - one is to have a colonic.  Sometimes that can really clear out the system.  Everyone knows that chemo can stuff you up.  Juicing (organic please) of any fruits or veggies might help.  Here is our pages on constipation from our all-volunteer nonprofit website (we've collected this information over years).


Ann F.

President, The Annie Appleseed Project

thanx.  I will visit the web site today... and see what I can learn and perhaps find something I can work with.  Treatment is in 2 more weeks and I want to get a handle as the effects and affects I am feeling are not bad at all... and the more meds put in me ...  this seems to be the biggest of all.   R.

Hi Ann,

It is important to note that colonics can be really dangerous in some populations. Please see below from the American Cancer Society:


Colon therapy can be dangerous. Illness and even deaths have resulted from contaminated equipment, electrolyte imbalance, or perforation of intestinal walls. People with diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, severe hemorrhoids, rectal or colon tumors, or who are recovering from bowel surgery may be at higher risk of bowel injury. People with kidney or heart failure may be more likely to experience fluid overload or electrolyte imbalances. In addition, many substances can be absorbed into the body from the colon walls and cause toxic or allergic reactions. Colon therapy can also cause discomfort and cramps. 


As with any Complementary and Alternative medicine practice, everyone should talk with their medical team before adding procedures or supplements to their lifestyles. 





Must totally disagree with the big guns of ACS (not the first time, of course).  I study the studies - that's one of my main volunteer efforts.  ALMOST no evidence of harm - yes if bowel area surgery, no colonics.  All others, could really help.  Fear of contamination is a nonstarter.  MORE infection at any major or community hospital right now causing untold misery and harm. 


Here's a sample study:


Ann Surg. 2011 Sep;254(3):423-7; discussion 427-9.

Diverting loop ileostomy and colonic lavage: an alternative to total abdominal colectomy for the treatment of severe, complicated Clostridium difficile associated disease.

Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Loop ileostomy and colonic lavage are an alternative to colectomy in the treatment of severe, complicated CDAD resulting in reduced morbidity and preservation of the colon.


Further, see this (you can also see original article that clearly, as this writer states, mixed apples and oranges).  Journal Family Practices

I personally started doing colonic hydrotherapy/lavage after 30 years of constipation ails, ending in a breast cancer diagnosis that I am SURE was related.  Lack of ability to absorb nutrients, too much circulating estrogen, toxic substances stuck in my body for literally years as my lower belly grew and grew.


There is a review article on the issue - I could not access it, written by Ernst (well-known critic in UK of natural therapies). 

One article in J Trauma, again no abstract to acess.

Hi Ann,

It's obviously a subject that has a lot of proponents and opponents, scientific literature for and against, and very strong feelings on both sides. But regardless of the literature, it is important for people to understand the potential risks, to speak with their doctor about medical issues that they are having and to get additional assistance from a registered dietitian. 


Hi Ronni,

My mom uses Dulcolax or Senokot. Yogurt also seems to get things moving with her-


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