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Have you tried alternative pain relief (massage, acupuncture, other)? Share your experience!

There are a number of studies indicating that many types of cancer-related pain can be relieved by complementary approaches. This includes things like massage, acupuncture and acupressure, guided imagery, meditation, and much more. 

Have you tried any of these techniques for pain management? Or maybe not for pain management but to manage stress or anxiety? How did it work for you? Would you recommend it to others? 

Please share your experience with others!


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Hi Amy,

I am currently experimenting with some highly recommended nutrients and supplements for my cancer, with some very noteable success. I have been using chiropractic adjustments and accupressure (administered very carefully) since my diagnosis. Some of this is for managing my pain, and some is for fighting the cancer. I hope to be able to share my success and my experiences with everyone very soon. I am documenting all of this along the way. I am also meeting with my former psychology professor today to learn more about meditation and how it might help me. I'll be happy to share hopefully very soon.


HI Art. I'd love to know which particular nutrients and /or supplements you have been using. I'm always happy to have more information to pass on to the patients I am working with. Are you undergoing chemo? I am asking as if so, we usually recommend our patients not take a great deal of  nutritional supplements. Per our pharmacists, the research is unclear as to whether or not they interfere with chemo. Also, if one experiences side effects, it would be difficult to know whether or not the chemo or the supplements caused the side effects.
I'm assuming perhaps you are not having chemo at the moment?

I 'll be rooting for you and looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.

Hi Kelly.  I am currently on my third round of chemo with new drugs.  I am now on Gemzar once a week every three weeks, and Avastin is combined once every three weeks.  What is your opinion on supplements for someone like me.  I have nodules on both lungs currently after having a lobectomy last year on my right lower lobe.  I have nsclc, specifically Adenocarcinoma.   I was wondering if you can recommend any supplements I could be taking.............Dave 
Art old friend.  Have been trying to contact you via email.  Please contact me as I would love to hear about the nutrients and supplements as I am back on chemo as the cancer has come back.  ........Dave
My husband has stage 5 LCCLC, We opted for NO chemo/rad. We are doing a nutrient/supplement route. High protein diet, no salt. He had one acupuncture session and didn't quite care for it, we see a chiropractor fairly often. Trying protein drinks that body builders use to get more body mass on him. Pain management has always been a struggle, we are now on methadone he likes this the best.

If anyone wants the "list" of supplements he is taking I can send that info. We have just started now 1 month the results are he is still taking them =)) Although he is NOT used to taking so much medicine.

Hi Tamie, i would be interested because i can not get my husband to do anything. I bought him unflavored whey protein he tried it once when i made him but will not do it again. The only thing he will touch is canned fruit cocktail he says he can't swallow or he is afraid of getting sick but he has not had a problem getting sick so i don't understand that, he also has a lot of phlegm that he says is holding him back. We have an appointment with a nutritionist on monday. I am just afraid he is going to lie there and waste away, when i push him harder to eat he gets frustrated or annoyed by me and kind of snaps i just can't look at him like this and want to help. 

HI Tamie.

Swallowing difficulties are really common in the lung cancer patients I work with . Many have to go to a full liquid type diet and include some blenderized foods. Will he take mashed potatoes or cream soups( may need to strain out the vegetables,etc).

There are some tasteless high calorie supplements you can buy that can be added to various foods.

Benecalorie is one of them. Each serving has 330 calories. It is available on line through websites like, and even Will he drink any milkshakes with the whey protein in them? Has his sense of taste changed?

I've had some patients who produce such enormous amounts of phlegm , they carry cups and spit it out constantly( sorry for the gross details). It does definitely get in the way of their eating. You can try some hot drinks, like tea or something, as sometimes the hot temp breaks up or thins out the mucus some.

Let me know how you make out with the nutritionist.  We are thinking of you and here to help if we can.


My name is kim but that is ok. He will drink milkshakes but not even a 1/4 of a glass and he won't let me put the unflavored in there, i don't have any of the flavored. I have not tried any hot drinks he seems to like real icey cold i will ask if he will try that and i will try to puree some foods to and see if he will try that.  Thanks for your suggestions i will let you know how they go.


Kimberley-  My dad has stage 3B lung cancer and is approaching the end of treatment....last week woohooo...He has had some great difficulty swallowing and has been using local honey to help coat his throat before he eats so he can get food.  He swears by it, but it has to be local honey. 
is that a brand of honey, because i tried giving him honey my mom gave me something about cinnamon and honey mixed that supposedly can cure bone cancer but it has to be a certain cinnamon found at the health food store, so i tried it but i have the bear he would not take it though.

Hi Amy.

Perhaps a little off the beaten track, but we've had good luck here with lung cancer patients undergoing chemo having some relief from chemo induced neuropathy when they began to take GLUTAMINE. I sometimes give out a nutritional supplement called JUVEN. It is comprised of 2 amino acids, one of which is Glutamine. Although I gave it out to promote wound healing and /or rebuilding of lean body mass, patients began to tell me they felt their neuropathy improved some with the use of it. A small amount of research does show a positive correlation between glutamine and some improvement in chemo induced neuropathy.
Juven is made by Abbott and is available online or at some pharmacies.

Glutamine powder is generally available at health food stores, and the like.

Hope this may help someone.


Can glutamine be taken while one is receiving chemo treatments (cisplatin/etoposide)?




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