Linking you to resources and support in the lung cancer community!

have been involved in attempting to gain some sort of recognition here for LC and all of no avail, needless to say!!


I have just been subjected to a news reader telling me I need to recognize this month as being colon cancer month...........following the same news fools recognizing breast cancer, not only on October.....but during the entire month of November as well.............but NEVER mentioning LC........


Am considering just showing up at their studios (all 3 local stations) and demanding a sitdown with their management for the purpose of educating them and attempting to gain fair and equal access to publicity.....


Am also in process of gaining access to congressional office here to see why there has been no activity on the part of "my" elected rep..........


Will probably go for the trifecta by hitting the VA hospital here as well.........although they have been a bit more receptive.......


Y'all hang in there, keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight.......





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Hey Sarge,

I don't know how I missed this last week! Go get em! You know we've got your back! 


Lots of luck Sarge, I have written our news, emailed Dr. Oz and talk up lung cancer awareness everywhere I go but no one seems too interested in it......keep up the good work.

Don't give up jc! I know it's discouraging, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease! 

I'm a little wounded - just buried my sister today who had stage IV but I'm here.  Don't give up!  My sister would have loved a good  We will move the mountain but it might take awhile :)

Sarge,I know how you feel ,as jc123 says we talk and talk to anyone we meet, post cancer  messages on faceboof and such  and no one seems to care,unless its  "go pink".  Nothing against funding and awareness for breast cancer but there are other types, and most of us know what  the response is when we say lung cancer.  Sorry venting here also.....anyway good luck with spreading info in your area.   Jd

Hi Sarge (and everyone else) - As a lung cancer "survivor" (2 times) I truly feel your anger, disappointment, frustration, .....need I go on? I would like to remind everyone that this is a war - not one battle. We need to keep the pressure on - insidiously and continuously. We need to gather troops by demonstrating that we have something to say - and eventually they will listen to us! I sincerely feel a shift happening - there are articles in magazines, in papers, and even occasionally on the TV.

Write an opinion article for your local paper, write a letter to the editor, have an event and put it on PSBB's everywhere. When you write be informative and not negative. Although I feel the same frustration at pink everywhere - we need to rise above and be careful to not attack any one group - they are big and we don't need them fighting back against us. 

Our army is growing and we will turn the tides to help people touched by this terrible disease! God Bless! and carry on!!!

Thank you to all of you!


When my sister told me she had lung cancer I started looking for races to support that since I run anyway.  I didn't find a lot but I found this site that will let you run any race, anywhere & still raise funds for lung cancer so I signed up.  I told my sister about it & she said "you don't hear much about lung cancer around here but there's stuff for breast cancer everywhere".  Again, not knocking breast cancer but lung cancer really needs some help, especially considering how many people find out so late in the game (stage IV).  I would love to have a race in my sister's name but I don't know how to do it.  I see them all the time where the race is in the memory of someone but the proceeds go to help all those with lung cancer (not to the person/family the race is for).  I'll keep doing some research & see what I can find out.

Hello sbarnes1963

I am so sorry about the loss of your sister. She is no longer suffering and will guide you as you work for this cause. The first step in holding an event of any type is to make the decision to do it. Next pick a date - give yourself plenty of time to organize everything and try to avoid holidays. Is there someone who can assist you with this - talk to people and get someone to help if possible.

Now what kind of walk/run do you want to do? 1 mile fun walk/run? Is there a location in your town that is used for other walks or runs - why reinvent the wheel - and you don't have to measure the distance. Once the date and location are chosen - all you need is advertising! Putting your event on calendars and PSBB's is free. Just go to all local newspapers, TV station, and radio station websites, etc and look up community calendars or PSBB and post the information. I have also contacted journalists directly - when you read a newspaper article about an event the author's name and email address are usually given - email that person directly and ask for them to cover your event.

Contact LCA and ask for brochures, fliers, anything to help get the word out. Set up an information and donation table. If you can - ask businesses to donate baskets for a basket raffle - people love that and you can raise a bit of money that way as well!

Once you start advertising people will contact you and ask if they can help - at least that has been my experience with events. The first year may be small - but you will get helpers and it can grow from there!

I wish you the very best! God Bless!


Hi Sherry - 

Ditto what Karen said (she a Team Lung Lover too!). If you have already been in touch with Lanni or Emily here, they can guide you if you want to set something up.  




I so agree.  I do take it personally.  My husband has reached the point that when any poor breast cancer fundraiser calls our house, he or she gets a 20 min. earful. 


I suspect the mortality being so high is part of the problem.  Americans like easily solvable problems and we are not that!  I think we need lots of community awareness.  Shine a Light on lung cancer helps but the fund raising format makes it not one I can do.  It's a great idea, though, and that might be a start.  It's only 6 months away.


But even my lung oncologist didn't respond when I brought up doing some work with this.  He suggested I do peer support but I don't want to do that. 


I think we are caught in that box where we won't get money till we are a "happy" charity and we won't be a feel good charity until lots of money is poured into research.


I do share your feelings.



Hey Sarge - and everyone else....

Thanks to your note, I set up a new group. It's called Get Involved. It's for anyone who wants to do something - raise awareness, get people's attention, etc.  Fabulous staffers and amazing advocacy/events/awareness-raising resources, Lanni and Nisa, have graciously made themselves available to help guide the discussion. Hope this helps! 



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