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This month is Lung Cancer Awareness month, something we each experience daily.

I have been a Safeway grocery shopper for many years and each month they ask for our support of a certain cause, being a cancer, disease or a disability.  Throughout the month of November while grocery shopping I expected to give to Lung Cancer research at check out. 

 No signs or requests were found anywhere in the store, no annoying cashier asking me for my donation even after being asked by the debit machine at check out.  Why?

 I was infuriated and immediatley wrote directly to my local Safeway representative. It has been over two weeks, still no response. Why?

They request our support for Breast Cancer and Prostrate Cancer and MS and Heart Disease, but not for a cancer that kills more people than any other cancer in the world...Why?

I encourage you to write your Safeway representatives and request they give Lung Cancer the same equanimity and support!

Start typing!

Thank you,


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Carolyn I love you.  My first surgery was NSC Adenocarcanoma and I had a wedge resection of my R lower lobe.  I am still not sure what they will find with this one.  This started in April when I had my normal yr check up a nodule was found in my left upper lobe and a pt scan lit up but a needle biopsy came back clear.  We have watched and waited  but now the mass is growing and my surgeon says it has to come out.  If it is an infection then he will just do another wedge resection but if it is cancer then the lobe will come out.  I think I will be fine after surgery but if not I will call for help.  I wish you lived next door because you crack me up.  Just like you my granddaughers know how to do a whole lot more than me......I pray you will get good news and I wish I could get to know you better.  Thanks again for the support you are the bomb!!!!

Hey you 1 more day til drug day yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..  I just get to look forward to exercising and no drugs.  Darn it..... 

Okay seriously now, When did you have your first surgery??  I go back in Feb. or March for pet scan to see if the "thing" has grown.  They said it is to small for a biopsy now.  The lung dr. said they could not do surgery again, I guess because it is the same area as the lobe they took out.  I guess it would have to be radiation.  I think we will go on a cruise and go snorkeling in Feb. before I find oujt about all this stuff.  I also have copd, but I will snorkel, I actually know I can.  I love it the fish, the coral and all.  I can't swim but I can sure snorkel.

Do you have a church family that can help you out after surgery,  I don't mean to be personal but I hate for you to be home alone.  I don't know if you are on oxygen or not, if not I assume you have that set up by now.  Correct.

I could not have handled the surgery without my husband helping me, and I really don't think I am a whimp either.  It sure was hard on him.  Bless his heart.

Speaking of bombs yep I think I am one, because I have not been very nice lately to my hubby.  I don't take antidepressents like I am supposed to, so I need to get it together.  I think to when you have this little matter of cancer sitting on your shoulders it don't help much.  You think??

My momma had a mysteomy, throat cancer, and then brain cancer, my daughter had a double mysetomy  3 years ago.  I knew it would be my time some time yep.  I was not upset at all when I found out.  I think I just knew it was coming and it did.  I would have perfered my daughter not to have had it of couse, but she is doing well.  Thank God.  Actually as much as I smoked I am very very fortunate I had a small cancer.  I quit smoking about 27 years ago.

I best get on with the day now jc, just remember we are all praying for you and we are all praying for each other. 

May God be with you and the surgeon tomorrow.

Your friend Carolyn

P.S. don't forget the drugs lol

Hey Carolyn, just got in from a very long day at hospital.  I won't find out until tonight what time my surgery is but I did make sure they would give me really good DRUGD.  My first surgery was May 7 2007 so I went almost 5yrs before this came up.  I am still betting it is infection.  My doc told me today that because of where the mass is located I may lose the lobe even if is iinfection Bah humbug.  I will give you an update as soon as I am able to.  Thanks again for the encouragement, humor and love I feel.  Once I am on my feet then we're going to concentrate on whats going on with you.   Your friend Joyce

Hey Joyce,

The best of luck to you tomorrow.  God love you I wish I was your neighbor too.  I am worried about who is going to take care of you. 

Keep the faith and know my prayers are with you.

Your friend Carolyn

Hi Carolyn, I got home from the hospital yesterday.  Turns out I do have cancer but the lynphs are clear which is good news.  My left upper lobe was removed so all should be ok.  The epidural was wonderful, I would marry it and take it home with me if I could.  BYTTT when it comes out in about 5 days Katie bar the door......I am having a lot of nerve pain and can't wait for that to resolve itself.  Surgery at MD Anderson is like a stay at a Ritz Carlton...very nice and wonderful staff, 5 star restaurant food delivered at any time you call for it.  Im now back to canned soup and frozen dinners... Being home alone is a little more trying than I expected but I am doing ok.  I am very tired and still in a large amount of pain but this too will pass.  Hope all is well with you,  Keep me posted

Thank God that one is over with.  Now you have the healing.  I really don't know how you stay home a lone.  I must really be a wennie.  I thought I was pretty tough, but I could not get up or down by myself.  God bless you.  I have really been thinking about you and hoping to hear from you soon.  So you had good food at the hospital hugh??  I don't remember anything I had.  I know I could not eat though.  I assume you are on oxygen 24 7 for now??  I sure wish I could do something for you Joyce.  Just rest and don't do anything crazy.  God bless you and let me hear from you when you feel like it.

Love Carolyn

So happy to see others standing up for the awareness of lung cancer. Our local paper, The Cecil Whig, had a special article in November on Pancreatic Cancer awarness month. I wrote in and asked why Lung Cancer had been looked over, and surprise, no response! It is a horrible disease! I am heading toward my 5th year and am blessed to be here. More noise people!!!

I have written to Newday on Long Island, to Sen. Shumer actually talking to one of his assistants who is a friend of a friend, and to local newspapers as well.  No word back.  Sure, everyone knew about Breast Cancer awareness month in October.  Who didn't know when that is all you heard about.  But almost nothing about Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November except one commercial I saw on tv.  It is extremely frustrating and tomorrow I have an appointment to see my oncologist to go over my latest scans as it has been a year and a half since I was diagnosed with NSCLC, and have been in chemo off and on since the summer of 2010.  It is amazing how ignorant the public truly is concerning lung cancer.  ......Dave

Dave the best of luck to you tomorrow when you go see your oncologist.  I pray everything will be okay for you.  Let us know ok.

God bless


Thank you Carolyn.  I keep telling my wife it is about time for some good news but whatever it is we move forward.  Have to keep up the attitude!  Even as hard as it is when one feels like crap! 

Dave,  believe me I know our attitudes can get pretty darn dumpy..  yep.  You are sure right though we have to sit down and let each other know how we feel, We cannot read minds.  nope.  My husband and I have talked about how we treat other people better then each other.  That is pretty crappy I think...  I think we just start taking each other for granted..  In fact I know we do.  My husband gets upset with me because I worry about grown kids and grand kids.  Just can't help it I do....  I just want everyohne to be okay.  We are going to run away in Feb. and go on a cruise.  I am going to go snorkeling.  I love it.. I can't swim but I love it....After we get back then I will get the pet scan to see if that thing has grown or not.  You and your wife give each other a hug for me...  yep.

Feel better my friend  God bless



I got the results of the scans and the news was good for the first time in a year and a half!  In both my lungs, the nodules there either disappeared or got smaller which is all I can ask for!  I will continue with the chemo for three more months to try and knock out those remaining nodules.  These remaining ones were very hot in my prior pet scan and have cooled down!  I think it's great that you guys are going on a cruise in Feb.  My wife and I are going on one in April!  It is how much you take each other for granted.  But going through this makes you start taking one day at a time and you then have time appreciate people and things more!  So thank you for your thoughts as yours and all my friends certainly helped!......David


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