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My dad's right eye won't close all the way when he sleeps


My dad's right eye won't close completely when he falls asleep and my mother and I worry about his eye drying out and getting an infection. Does anyone have advice regarding this? We thought about getting witch hazel pads to put over it so that he will remember to keep it closed, but not sure this is safe for his eye?   Anybody have any input.  I thank you in advance. I know I've been posting a lot of questions lately.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,


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Hi Ally,

Eyes are very sensitive so I wouldn't try anything without talking to his doctor. I know it's hard to actually get a doctor on the phone these days, does your dad's doc have a nurse or PA you could talk to about this? Also this may be something temporary, just keep that in mind. But I would give his nurse or PA a call if it's something you're concerned about-


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