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My daughter just turned 21 on Saturday. 12 years ago well actually it was more like 123/4 yrs ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer 3A NSCLC. My mind went crazy. My youngest was 9 years old. Her two brothers were 14,16. I prayed that I would be around long enough to see the oldest graduate high school. Never in those first few months did I want to even dream I'd be here to see my daughter tur 21. I just wanted to be around long enough to get them and my wife in the best position when I passed. I'm not one to tell you fairy tales this what my intentions were or maybe my expectations were. I would never have told anyone this but it was how I felt. I tried to stay positive for them but you can only do that for so long. A funny thing happened though I found myself starting to believe that I could survive or at least try to be the best I could be at living with what I was dealt with. I started to live through my family's eyes. I really believed I could be here longer and I am. I'm also here to say if I died tomorrow I know these kids have their lives in their hands and would and will be fine.
At 21 she has and is her dads " Miss America". She just makes my life worthwhile.
Celebrate with me since you guys are the only ones who'll ever know these feelings. I would never let them know. They only need to know Dad loves them and that they do know.
God bless,

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Yay!!!! Happy birthday to your daughter! Sounds like many reasons to celebrate in your household! 


Dear John, This group has heaped untold blessings on me.  You in particular have been a source of strength and hope to me.  Blessings on you and your family and happy birthday to a very luck daughter.

Thank you guys! Here on this site I have found a renewal of spirit and for that I thank you. 

Happy Birthday to your daughter!  How  blessed you both are, and you family,  to have the last 12 3/4 years that you never knew would be possible.  What a great day and more reason to celebrate!  Congratulation to you for doing what none of us (in our minds) can imagine is possible at days.....Show cancer who is boss.

 Keep on living and God Bless,



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