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Just got back from Boston (where I had my RLL removed 12/07) and I had ANOTHER clean CT scan!!!!  Many of you here know that I was REALLY worried about this one - and I thank you for your support!  That makes 4.5 years NED!!! Yippee!!! 

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CONGRATS Erin. These scans are hard to wait for but once we get the NED it's great... Keep it up...



Hi Erin, congrats on the NED! It is so hard to have to wait for results.

 I know some people have the results the same day. How miraculous is that. I have never had that pleasure and its been 12 yrs for me. Some day maybe more people will have the medical professionals who care about the patients and make an effort to get the information.

But to be 4.5 years out and NED is so awesome. I think you can consider yourself cured. It was hard for me to let go of the cancer and celebrate life without the disease again. I'm not the same both physically and mentally but even with my limitations I still love being here rather than the alternative.

So celebrate and do the happy dance for your great accomplishment!


John what a wonderful email,so inspiring ,keep doing what you do and encouraging others to do the same.The world needs people like youPat



Congratulations!!!!  Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!

Wooohooo!!! Congrats to you :)

Hi Erin

Awesome! Congratulations! Here is to continued NED for you and so many others! Our goal is to have many more of these announcements - truly something to celebrate!

God Bless!


This is terrific--pardon my stupidity but what is NED?

Hi Merry, there is no such thing as a stupid question as my mother used to say. NED is "no evidence of disease". We all hope and pray for everyone to hear these words.


:) it's a great feeling, a phew!!!

Soo happy for you.  This gives us all hope.

Thank all of you for your support!  I hope some day we will have most, if not all, of the messages in LCA in the Share the Good News forum!!!



Congratulations...Praise God for your wonderful news!!!


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