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Hi all, I don;t know if you remember me but I had my first cancer in 2007.  Last April during a routien ct scan a nodule in my upper L lobe was found along with enlarged lymph nodes. Had the gammet of test including ebus, pet scan ( lit up) and finally a biopsy that came back negative.  We decided to wait 3 mos and do a follow up ct scan.  In August the scan showed no changes so the decision was made to wait another 3 mos.  I had the scan this morning and then say my doctor .  Now the nodule has grown  and I am scheduled for surgery De. 13.  He wanted to do the surgery Nov. 22 but I will not mess up everyones Thanksgiving.  I figure that I have waited since April so what is another month.  I am going to have more pulmonary test to see how well I can function with lobes of both lungs gone.  Right now I feel defeated but that will pass.  Now I have a lot to do to get prepared for some down time.  I'm still going to hope that this proves to be nothing.  Thanks for listening.

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I know how you feel. But this should be just a temporary feeling. After 10 years of being cancer free (lower right lobe was removed) two very tiny nodules showed up in my left upper lobe. I was operated on and they found another one and had chemo and that was over 3 years ago. I fell very optimistic. You're waiting an extra month is a tough call but it is yours to make. Make sure that it is the right thing for you and your family by asking them?  The best of luck.


For what it's worth, we celebrated 2 Thanksgivings in the hospital when my mom was recovering from surgeries. It wasn't ideal (especially for my mom who didn't have much of an appetite for all the foods she loved) but the turkey was still on the table. You are likely right though - and really only 3 weeks. Even less likely to make a difference. 

Thank you so very much for the nutrition links.  I have read them and saved to my favorites.  A wealth of good information,  Thanks for the support to delay surgery a few weeks.  This has been going on since April or sooner for all I know so I figured a few weeks more probably won't make a difference.  It was the one thing I still have some control over.....


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