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Hi Gang,

I have been through the ABC's of Chemo and then on Alimta and Avastin for maintenance therapy these past 14 months. Although the main tumor is stabilize I now have an increase of nodules in my Pleura lining which is causing additional shortness of Breath.
If you have experienced the same let me know which alternative Chemotheraphys that have helped you.
Never smoker with no DNA tumor mutations.

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I don't have an answer to your question, and I don't know the names of most of the drugs, and I don't volunteer smoking information (who cares, you did, you didn't?  Only statisticians.    BUT, I will tell you that six years ago I went thru Chemo I with all the rough symptoms, and the cancer was gone.  After about three years it began to grow again and I was put on Alimta.  Then, I was given a three month repreive.  Then, a scan showed that the cancer had 'exploded' and has spread into my bone, and Pleura lining..   I'm beginning to learn that this is a trend with Alimta.  So perhaps not enough research?  Now I'm back on the drugs of Chemo I, and I'll know the results Dec 6th. 

I have not been through this, I just wanted to wsh you a Happy Holiday! I hope all is well and that you are recieving effective treatments.

God bless,

Kim aka Izzysmom08


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