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Hi , I posted on Nove 16 2011 and havn't had any replies.  we sure could use some support.  We pray for all .Bless   Debkd

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Hi Deb,

I saw your note here: from November 16. I know you had questions about people who have the same type of lung cancer as your husband. How is he doing? You mentioned that you had an appt at Dana Farber on Dec 15. How did that go? What did the doctors say? You mentioned that they might do genetic testing and maybe chemotherapy again. 

Please let us know what's happening now and hopefully someone will respond. 



    I know my husbands cancer is very rare, but they do treat it a lot like sm cell.  With Drs ok we postponed scans until Jan 5 ct scan , Jan9 MRI of brain then appt with Dr same day to go over everything and possible more chemo that day.   Dave felt like he needed this time to feel stronger.  31/2months since last carbo and etoposide treatment but still tired.  If needed a different chemo will be tried.  God willing no.  Will find out about gen. testing then.  Don't know why it wan't done sooner. We thought it had been.   Thanks

                                               Merry Christmas..Deb


   How are you holding up? It is such a terrible thing to deal with. How about your huband? It sounds like you two have one of those great relationships and are very much in love. I had my left lung removed almost three years ago and have been doing well. I know what you mean about needing support. I am sure you will find it everywhere. Try to enjoy the holiday week ,I know it will be difficult. Good luck to you and your husband.



          we are hanging in there.  ct scan and mri in Jan, possible more chemo. Results of genetic testing.

Glad you are doing well.  We pray for all in need.  Thanks  Merry Christmas,,,Deb

I'm sorry that I didn't reply. I haven't heard of this rare type of cancer so I didn't. I hope that you are insisting on tests that will help with the treatment. I hope that your holidays are filled with hope.



     My husband has a rare cancer.  They treat it a lot like sm cell. We have ct scans and mri of brain in Jan.  possible more chemo. Also will get results of genetic testing.  . Had 6 rounds of carboplatin and etoposide.  Very rough.  Still tired after 31/2 month break

Stage 4 is hard.  Some nodes were bigger last scan but brain still clear.  Chemo usually dosn't cross the blood brain barrier but it can, in his case it did shich was great. God willing his Jan scans will show no growth.

                     Thanks,, Merry Christmas  Deb

Hi Debkd

I am 4 1/2 years out from chemo/radiation/right upper lobectomy. Doing very well! I will pray for you and your husband! Let us know how the January scans are....

Merry Christmas and God Bless!



   thanks for the nice reply.  So glad you are doing well..  Merry Christmas  Bless you


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