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After my lobectomy on June 20 (lower lobe of my left lung), I got pneumonia, which I understand is not unusual. We went ahead with chemo anyway, and last Friday, I was told the pneumonia is still there in the left lung, plus I have a stable pleural effusion. I know the latter means fluid in the space between the lung and chest wall. The oncologist said it is owing to the pneumonia. 

I'm wondering what "stable" means in this context.  Will the fluid go away when the pneumonia goes away? I'm still taking an antibiotic for it.



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Hi Eric, I also have had pneumonia and plural effusion since treatment for lung cancer. The plural effusion went away after a few months following the surgery but the pneumonia seems to want to keep coming back periodically. Don't know if it has to do with issues from damage to the esophagus from radiation or the immune system just isn't as strong as it used to be or maybe a combination of these and other things... Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...





I'm glad to know having the effusion for months is not unusal, so I'm hopeful. I think that's what is making me cough. I didn't have radiation treatment


I had pleural effusion in my right lung,(Stage 4 NSC) related to the cancer in the fluid and the lining of that lung.

I had a drainage tube installed and we drained several times per week for 4 months.  I was about to undergo a Pleurodesis, an surgical intervention to have the lining re-adehere so fluid could not accumulate and about that time I developed an infection in the lung, and the infection created the same environment that the Pleurodesis was intended to do and the lining re-adhered and I have not had the problem reoccur (so far). That was July 2010


Stable - is always GOOD news.  It means it is not getting worse.

It's quite possible that when the pneumonia clears up, the fluid will lessen.

If have found that I always get inflammation in my lung following any treatment such as radiation and/or swelling in the brain following Gamma Knife (which is radio beams, I think). It seems to be a regular occurrence some 5-8 months following the procedure.


Do remember, that as lung cancer patients, we are very vulnerable to infections so we must be cautious to exposure to virus and bacteria, since our compromised immune system is not a strong warrior to help fight off these attackers. 

Once you get beyond the Pneumonia, ask your Oncologist whether he/she advises you to get a Pneumonia vaccination.

It's good for a few years and it might lessen any further occurrence. I also  get  flu shots as a precaution.


By the way,  I was diagnosed Stage 3 in August 2007, mets to the brain in 2010; I am currently stable on an ALK related clinical trial and feeling the best I have in 4 years.


Hope, Attitude and Prayers help.



Thanks, Margot,


This is encouraging. I'm glad you're doing well now.




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