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On 11/14/2011 I had three lobectomy's, right lung.  I was diagnosed with BAC two weeks prior.  During surgery, they noticed another tumor wrapped around my Aorta.  They were only able to biopsy it at that time.  It came back positive for Cancer.  But, it is Non Small Cell Carcinoma unlike the other that was BAC.  I will find out on 12/1 how they are going to treat this.  Surgery or aggressive treatment.  Has anyone had anything similar to this?  If so, any advice.  My name is Fran; I am 54 years old and have smoked for 40 years.  Needless to say, I did quit smoking.  The BAC is more common is non smokers that are much younger.  I would appreciate any advice.


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Hi Fran, my mom has large cell carcinoma and had an upper right lobectomy. I can't speak to the BAC. My mom smoked for about 40 years as well, and quit shortly after her diagnosis. But, I don't know anything about BAC so listen to your docs and heed their advice. Hang in there!


Thank you so much for responding.  I will pray for your mother and you.  I know what this does to the family.

It sounds like you had a pneumonectomy, which is complete removal of the lung. I would ask for a second pathology opinion on both the lung and carcinoma tumor. Are you sure they didn't say adenocarcinoma? It's still all non-small cell. Wishing you the best. Take care, Judy

Hey Fran,


Just to add to what cards7up said, BAC is actually a type of non-small cell lung cancer. The question that you will want answered is, is the cancer around your aorta still BAC or a different type of NSCLC. That will help inform your doctors about what the best treatment would be. Let us know what you find out this week! 




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