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Anyone have neck vein protrude when you talk as a symptom?


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I've known people whose neck veins protrude during exercise and even while talking but I've never known it to be associated with any type of cancer. Probably a good thing to bring up with your Doctor though.  Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



Wow - good question! I have never heard of that as a symptom. I think anytime something out of the ordinary is happening with our bodies, it doesn't hurt to ask someone about it. I know you have written about your sister's lung cancer before. Is this something she is experiencing or something you are experiencing that has you worried about your risk? If it's her, since she is in treatment, I'd encourage her to mention it to her doctor if she hasn't already. Whether it is related to her cancer or to the treatment or something entirely different, it's good to report these things just in case.


Kind of a long story & basically I feel like a paranoid crazy person!  1.  In October or November I started having thoracic pain for no reason I could explain.  It's not severe pain, don't even take meds for it, sore if you press on it & some bending/twisting motions.  Doesn't get worse, doesn't get better - just there.  The concerning part is not knowing why it hurts & it won't go away.  I saw the doc a few months later after I found out about my sister.  They saw nothing on xray.  She offered me a CT & I declined since she thought it was fine.  2. I run with a Garmin & HR monitor.  The monitor kept showing my HR getting over 200 & as much as 240 but I didn't feel bad.  Since we have a family history of heart problems I saw a cardiologist - he says everything is fine but points out this protruding vein on the left side of my neck when I talk but doesn't know why.  It's pretty much from the jaw line down to the clavicle & only on the left.  He sees this in patients with heart failure but mine looks good on EKG & listening to me.  3.  One site said swelling in the veins in the neck could be a symptom of lung CA - something about a tumor near the superior vena cava.  4.  My sister just had a CT of her hip in January showing no cancer & a Pet within a week of that says there is cancer in her hip so the CT didn't even pick it up.  5.  When I lean my head back (putting lotion/makeup on my neck) I have a small lump on the left side/front which I assume is a lymph node but not really  6.  Again, feeling crazy & don't know if I should get it looked at or don't worry about it.  Most of the people I know or have talked to in person who have lung cancer or have a family member with lung cancer got diagnosed at stage IV.  I just don't understand why people are sooo sick & it has spread so far before anyone knows :(  Hoping we can do something to change that in the future considering "early detection" gives you the best chance at survival.


So, first off, you are not crazy and paranoid, just to reassure you! I think it's important to be in tune with your body and you are noticing things that are different. Not everyone is self-aware like that. You might have a heightened awareness because of what's happening with your sister but I think that's pretty normal. 

Having thoracic pain is not normally associated with lung cancer primarily because the lungs don't have a lot of nerve endings. That's often why people don't have early symptoms of lung cancer. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but I'd also expect that it would change over time if it was cancer because it would be growing.

But that doesn't mean that it's nothing and it could even be something completely not lung cancer. If you have a swollen lymph node that won't go away, and you have these other aches and pains, I think it's worth talking to your doctor about how to get to the bottom of it. 


Thanks Amy :)  I think I'm just gonna sit tight for now & stay aware. 


Have that CT done. If it's anything at all, at least it would be found early.

Have you had your thyroid checked? That's why people end up many times

with their cancer dx in stage IV because they ignored the symptoms.

Take care, Judy

They did check my thyroid last year & it was fine.  I would like to find out more about what exactly happened for people to get diagnosed.  You know, like did their doc suggest some test & they declined thinking they were fine, did it just have to get really advanced for them to hurt/trouble breathing or whatever drove them to the doc, did the docs just not pick up on many questions.  But I would really love for this to change in the future but I don't know what the problem is for sure to begin with so it's hard to find a solution.  It was mentioned earlier that the lungs don't have a lot of nerve endings so it's bad by the time you hurt.  Just wishing for better earlier detection so people could have a chance.  I work in a doctor's office (totally unrelated to cancer but we ask health history) & I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone went to have a lump checked & it was dismissed as an inflamed lymph node or fatty tumor only to find out later it was cancer.  Some of those people are no longer with us & that is really sad. 

My cancer was found during a routine yearly physical. Being a lifetime smoker, my PCP asked when was the last time I'd had a chest xray. She was stunned when I told her I'd never had one. So off I went and one tumor showed in the right lung on the xray. A CT followed which showed another tumor in another lobe of the right lung. So the CT is the way to go. I think for many, there may be nagging symptoms but nothing to rush to a doctor about until it's too late somemtimes. Wishing you the best. Take care, Judy

My sister was diagnosed in November, stage IV.  She quit smoking 1.5 yrs ago but smoked her whole life.  My dad smoked so we've been around it since birth.  She was a little disappointed in her doc as she's had him forever & he knows she's smoked forever & she was frequently getting bronchitis or upper respiratory infections.  They treated her for what he thought was one of these for a month before sending her for a chest xray & she had not had one in so many years she couldn't tell you.  She had the cough & swelling in the face that he just didn't pick up on until she couldn't get well after a months worth of antibiotics.  She was almost in hysterics at the office because she couldn't hardly breathe & they thought is was an anxiety attack (even though she doesn't have that problem) and they wrote her a script of meds for anxiety & ordered the chest xray - thinking pneumonia and it turned out to be soooo much worse :(

I also smoked for close to 25 yrs. and quit 3 yrs ago.  CT does give a much better picture but still did not pick the cancer in my sis's right hip but the PET showed it.  Being an x-smoker, I think smokers a lot of times are defensive and you have to "tread softly".  It's a serious addiction & sooo hard to quit & some people just can't.


Unfortunately for me, I also have a history of benign fatty tumors (lipomas). I'm having one removed from my arm in three weeks. But my onc did an MRI first to rule out mets from cancer, thankfully it wasn't. Take care, Judy

Benign tumors have to be scary after a cancer diagnosis.  Glad it is not mets.  I hope the removal goes well for you.  They routinely do chest xrays on many people who are going to have surgery & that is when things get found sometimes.  Unfortunately, I just heard in the last few weeks, they are not going to continue that practice - I think due to insurance reasons & saying it's not necessary.  So a few more people are gonna go by the wayside & still not find out until way to late.  I guess the whole insurance thing is a big part of it too.  Some don't cover a yearly physical and if you have testing done it goes on deductible & people just don't go.  But the price to not go is a high price to pay if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones to be afflicted with cancer.

Wishing you only the best & I'll send up some prayers for you :)




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