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  Amy,  reading through all the posts  Im curious, is adeno  a type of cancer(yeah i known  kinda funny asking the ? since thats what I have)  or is it a generic term for a type of cancer that doctors dont know what to call it ,so lets just call it Adeno.  Im asking because how can so many people of ages,occupation,races,genders have the same kind of cancer when Im guessing we All were not exposed to the same thing that caused this kind of  cancer ?????/   Im curious  AnY thoughts would be nice to hear.  Julie

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Hi Julie,


Gosh, what an interesting question. 


Carcinoma is a type of cancer that starts in the various linings of the body. There are other types of cancer too: for example sarcoma is cancer of the connective tissue in the body, and leukemia and lymphoma are cancers of blood-cells. These are the most common ones. 


"Adeno" refers to glandular tissue. This doesn't help narrow it down because glands are all over. But it's different from other carcinomas (like squamous, large cell and small cell) in its properties, so that's why your doctor can take a tumor sample, test and look at it, and determine that it's adenocarcinoma. Also, because there are glands all over, you can have adenocarcinoma in a lot of places, such as breast, colon, prostate, esophagus, pancreas... 


So basically, if you are diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung, that means that it originated in the lung in glandular tissue and that it has certain features that adenocarcinomas have. 


What we are learning more about though is that even among adenocarcinomas, there is a lot of variation because of mutations. So that becomes even more complicated.


As for the various causes, the bottom line is we don't have all the answers when it comes to lung cancer causes. We know what increases risk, but that leads to even more questions about why some people have risk factors and don't get lung cancer while others with apparently no risk factors get it. There is some indication that it's not just one thing that causes a person to get cancer but a lifetime of various exposures and mutations. 


It's complicated, isn't it? 


Did that help or did I make matters more confusing? :-)




Did you just get diagnosed?

I have Stage 4 Non Small Cell lung cancer, adenocarcinoma.

It's been 4 years since diagnosis. I have been through a lot but right now I am STABLE, looking and feeling really well.

HOPE is what we need to focus on.

Treatment of lung cancer has improved a  great deal over the past few years with "targeted treatment" as the primary course of action.  If you are new to lung cancer, be sure you work with a Lung Cancer specialist.  It makes a big difference.



I wish you well and I'm here to share my experience and answer questions if you need me.




I'm glad to hear that you've gotten along for four years now. I was diagnosed this past April with non small cell  adenocarcinoma as well.   Mine is stage 3 but the tumor was pretty large.  They removed the lower lobe of my left lung.

My oncologist wanted to give me radiation in addition to chemo. But I was treated with radiation for Hodgkins disease back in 1974, which they think is the cause of my lung cancer 37 years later (since I've never smoked). As a result, I must rely just on chemo.

May I ask whether you had both chemo and radiation?

Thanks and all the best to you.


Eric -

Yes. I had both radiation and chemo (cisplatin and etopiside). Initially I was diagnosed as stage 3A.

I was treated rather aggressively since I had 3 tumors spreading over the 3 lobes.

The next year, same cancer was found in the fluid of my lung and I was treated with Alimta. That helped but it returned a third time in the fluid and I was tested and found to have an ALK mutation and qualified for a clinical trial.

I metatesised in 2010 with brain tumor. I started the clinical trial in April 2010 and so far the oral meds have suppressed the formation of additional cancer.  I have underwent pleural drainage for 5 months and have had 2 Gama Knife procedures, followed by brain surgery in March 2011.

I am doing very well know.  STABLE is the magic word.  I look and feel well.  There is HOPE.



Hi Margot no I was diag. May 2009  talked to my doctor and never really explained it to me just "how lucky I am to have found it so early".  Also after awhile thoughts and ideas come up and make you wonder Hmmmm, I knew Amy had all the answers and she also doesn't do "doctor speak"  so I knew I would understand.

  I never had a cancer doctor, just a thorasic surgeon and the doctor I see now  a pulmonologist.  I guess they saw no need.

Hi, my name is Tammy I was diagnose with this type of cancer back in 2007, 3B stage Adenocarcinoma with it spreading to the back of my esophagus and some lymp nodes. They were only able to do chemo on me but I'm still in remission being on avastin for the last three an half years. They claim my was smoking. But I was always confused because my dad smoked three of my sisters smoked but was the only one that got lung cancer. drs would not do no surgery because my left lung is non functional plu I was just told that I have staff four COPD and epsyseum. There is a scar where the tumor was, and supposedly that's what they are watching with the cat scans. She stated that if it started to grow again then the cancer could be back???? Thats what they r watching when I get scans every three to four months is there anything to this???? Does anyone know???? Plus any other signs...Ive been battling a UTI with protein and micro blood notice in my urine the last couple of weeks never had UTI before is this a normal thing for cancer patients????? Anybody fights these??? Also can anybody tell me if anyone suffers sore throats and sore mouths. Especially when you eat everything just burns inside the mouths no one cam seem to come up with an answer except dry mouth but it's getting worse any ideas???? Or opinions surelymwould like to know....thanks and God Bless
Tammy I cant help with any of your thoughts because all I had done was surgery,no drugs or anything so Im not qualified for any of that.  I can tell you take your mds and talk to your doctor, look up info on-line and also talk to your pharmisist,  they know more about your meds than doctors do.  If your doctors aren't giving you what youneed,advice care understanding... find someone who will.  This is YOUR life not their, and you need to know what is going on and feel good about YOUR decisions.  I understand ????'s about smoking,I smoked, quit and 4 yrs later I have lung cancer,  what about what  the ACS says in the ads they run (dont remember correct words..using mine) 2min after you stop lung repair starts 10 min after your last more on  so on  so on  sorry,  after my surgery I asked my doctor  "ok  when will I feel better and not be so winded,I feel like Im 80 caringing a 20 pd backpack around?"   and his reply  "You will never feel like you did before  this is about the best your lungs will feel"  I did lawn maintenance, walked anywhere from 10 -20 miles EVERYday with a chemical pack on my back.  and IM Never going to feel better ?


I don't happen to agree with the comment that this is the best your lungs will feel.

I have gone through periods of shortness of breath and coughing.  At one point it was almost impossible to talk and to breathe at the same time.  I have had 4 bronchoscopes performed by an intervential pulmonologist with the intent of dilating my airways.  My airways have been very restricted because of the radiation I had in 2007.  It has really helped.  I am only short of breath now when I exert.  I am very fast paced and walk quickly and don't have an issue taking short walks,climbing stairs, etc..

Now that your primary crisis is over, take the time to carefully check out the docs you are using , and get references for others in your area.  You want the very best and someone with a good bedside manner, a positive attitude that can give you hope.  I have surpassed my doctor's expectations partially because he believes in me and I in him.

Good Luck.


I agree with you Margot, I exercise on the treadmill twice a week as much as I can by going to pulmonary rehab or just go out for a walk. Yes I do,et short of breath but with the help of my oxygen and knowing when to stop,for a deep breath of it I'm able to be active. I also believe a lot of it is attitude and the frame of the mind sometimes. You always need a dr you trust and feel comfortable with. I also believe my faith in God will carry me through it all He has brought me this far. Three an half years of remission with only six months of chemo. My drs. Just say I'm a miracle patient because I also surpassed my doctors expectations. So for everyone who reads this post keep positive and know your bodies and keep your prayers going. Even if it's just a prayer before you get out of bed and say "God give me the strength to get me through this day and Thank you for letting me live one more day." Amen. God Bless.

Tammy, I'm 58 and just had surgery three weeks ago. They removed a lobe in my right lung. I was told no further treatment would be needed. I see the surgeon next week. I sure hope my lungs get better as far as being winded. I fully expect to race my daughter up stairs again and beat her (like I did before) I lost two brothers who were in their 40's from lung cancer and have had a chest xray yearly ever since. That's how they found it. I can't help but wonder if they had received yearly xrays but I'll never know. Love this site

Thank you

Hey Kathy,

Sounds yor doing well as you can at this point. glad to hear your surgery went well. Sorry to hear about your losses. Just keep that positive thought I know you will beable to race your daughter up and down stairs. From different fundraisers and etc., I understand they are using a few for early detection whether it be x-rays or what ever they use I think that's a great thing. They need to teach radiologist how to read them right. Because my was found on an x-ray in 2003 and the radiologist never said anything about it so it went on for four more years in my case, now I couldn't have no surgeries, radiation or nothing but 6 months of chemo and 31/2 years of avastin every three weeks for the rest of my life or until kinnneys fail, cancer come back, or I just get tired of doing it then I can come off. But ???? No me knows what will I'm kinda Odin a rough spot but with God and my faith in Him I'll be okay. Your lungs will get better in time I'm sure just think positive, make sure your doing a little exercising believe it or not it does work, even tho I'm on oxygen 24 7 I can tell the difference. I go to pulmonary rehab when I can and exercise..mostly walk the treadmill. Will keep your head up and keep truckin along. May God Bless You.

Thanks Tammy!! I'll just keep on keep on .



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