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Hi everyone, 4 months have flown by and its already time for my dad to have another scan...He went this morning, and we will get the results tomorrow.  I absolutely hate this part with a passion and have my fingers crossed it is good news. 

I hope everyone is doing well...

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Hi Kddhope, I think we all have your dads back on this one. The wait is a killer. I don't know any way to loose the anxiety. Sometimes I use meditation and if you can get a quiet place and just focus on your breathing for ten minutes or so it can help. Or my other solution is pace around till I stub my toe in the dark. That at least gives me something else to think about for a while.
I really wish your dad the best with the scan. I also pray for some peace for you while you are waiting. It's tough. Hang in there.

Keep us posted! I think everyone hates that part. :-( But hopefully the results will make you all happy. 


Hi KDD, keep us posted and let us know how the scan went!

Well its good news YAY!  There is no change.  He has a few micronodules less than 5 mm showing up, both the oncologist and radiation oncologist suspect its not cancer.  He will repeat a scan in 3 months.  A year ago next month our entire lives changed and I have to admit it was pretty remarkably yesterday sitting in the oncologist office looking at the first CT scan compared to this past one.  What once was a massive collection of cancer cells no longer shows up at all on the scan.  It was a bitter sweet moment yesterday and one that I am forever grateful dad so far has made it and I hope he continues to be one of the lucky ones!  I graduate Grad school next Sat, my bad is cancer free what more could I ask for! 

Wow, graduating and a wonderful scan result. I know you must be over the moon! Enjoy this time!

This is the hardest part, the waiting and worrying. Best of luck!!!

Congrats on your dad & your graduation!  I'm so happy he has made it & is here for your graduation.  Some things mean the world to a parent & you probably have no idea what it means to him :)))

WOW! Great news! The wait was hard, but the news was great! Also congrats on your graduation. Your dad is also



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