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Before December, I feared I might not be here by the summer or fall based upon my Pet and CT scans in August.  After those scans, my chemo was changed from Taxol to Gemzar and Avastin and lo and behold those December scans showed everything had shrunk, were no longer red hot and some nodules had actually disappeared!  Now, I had a new PET scan last week and everything remains the same.  At first I was upset as I wanted continued shrinkage but my oncologist made me realize no change is good news!  The most upsetting thing is that my insurance company for the first time in the almost two years since I was diagnosed, refused to allow me to have both a CT scan as well as a PET scan.  So I am now on a five week hiatus from chemo(after ten months of chemo-of course this is after going through surgery, chemo and radiation in 2010)!  Leaving Sunday for a cruise to Florida and Carribean to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary which I could not do in November!  I have not used any oxygen for over two months and plan to return the condenser and portable tanks!  I still have shortness of breath, but my enhalers and nebulizer should be enough.  So today, life is great!  However, I know the reality of this disease(NSCLC) and will continue to take one day at a time.  Now it is time to have some fun, a little sun(doc said I can get some with lots of sunscreen and a hat) and some apple martinis, and have fun with my wife and two kids!  I don't get on this site as much as I should(a member since summer of 2010), but there is hope and we must all stay strong to fight this disgusting disease!  G-d bless to you all!


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Well done ,every day is a day we didn't have ,your life is great, enjoy your cruise, your wife ,your kids and your martinis.God Bless you all Pat Ryan


That's wonderful.  Thanks for sharing.  Enjoy your cruise and live!!

Hi Dave., that is great news! So happy for you! Enjoy your vacation and celebrate!

Good for you!!!!! Enjoy your Cruise.  You are an inspiration

Hi Dave,

            Enjoy your cruise and the martinis,forget the cancer it should'nt really occupy too much of our thoughts.Congrats on your 25th wedding anniversary,all the very best for celebrating a golden anniversary also.

This is wonderful news....very encouraging...remember an apple (martini) a day keeps the doctor away!

Good for you Dave!

Go and have a wonderful trip, and try not to focus on the disease, And Happy Anniversity, altho a little late!

Enjoy your trip and Congratulation on your 25th Wedding Anniversary!!! Praying you will have a wonderful and joyous time. You are a inspiration!!!

enjoy and have fun.

Just wanted to thank you all for your wishes.  Had a great seven day cruise to Florida and the Bahamas.  I did all that I said I would including getting a tan, going swimming(both for the first time in two years!), having those apple martinis and finally drinking down a whole bottle of wine!  Brought my two portable oxygen tanks but basically used one to get my whole party on the boat early and off the boat and through customs early!  Plan to send back all oxygen related equipment this week.  So I am in weel four of my five week hiatus from chemo and go back a week from this Thursday.  Not looking forward to that! LOL!

So very happy nyou had a great trip. I am happy you went, and had a little hiatus, I took a trip last year, and because of my ole gray hair I was able to get on the plane first (with the elderly, and kids) and it was great! I knew some day I would appreciate this graying thing lol

Anyway, we will be thinking about you next week, and you hang in there, there are people who care very much'about you and how you do..


Thank you Kindred!  One thing I promised myself after being diagnosed was to never lose my sense of humor and glad you haven't lost yours as well!


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