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Hi Everyone, Today 12 yrs ago, August 27,1999 was the day they told me you have a tumor and its lung cancer! At the time I was 39 years old with a wife and three children 17, 15 and 8 yrs old. Needless to say it was a shock. 

They (the doctors) at the time said they wanted to try a different approach with me. Lucky me I thought. I just said tell me what to do and I'll do it. They wanted to do chemo first ,then radiation and finally surgery after. They said it was backwards as far as how they did things but the thinoing was to kill the cancer before the surgery. I mean it seems like the dark ages now compared to how you are treated now with Pet scans and gene targeting and so on. Since they found out that the success rate is no better doing it that way or the traditional ones.

They said that I was 2 A Nsclc when they diagnosed me but when they finally did surgery they found it had spread to the near by lymph nodes in my chest but hoped the chemo and rad had killed those with the tumor. They changed my scale to stage 3A. Needless to say something worked. 

Thank God is all I can say. I have been so lucky to see my kids grow up and my wife and I have celebrated our 30 yr wedding anniversary this year. I mean I'm not supposed to be here. 

I really want everyone to know you can beat the beast and survive. It is a long battle but don't forget to enjoy the day! None of us know when our time has come. Make the most out of every day not only for you but for everyone who loves you.

God bless, 


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Congrats on your 12 and 30 year anniversaries. Keep up the good work.  It's always great to hear a success story...

Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



John, I haven't been on to much but it is wonderful to log on and see this awesome news of yours!!!



Great news for you and your family, John.  Congratulations!

Hi John,

           Thank you for sharing your story,it gives so much hope to  those who follow you.I was diagnosed with NSCLC with spread to the nearest lymph node(s) in Oct 2008.I never did discover whether the lymph nodes spread was singular or plural,never had the courage to ask for a definitive answer.I still consider myself as stage 2A,sounds better,if indeed its not strictly true.I am a 2 1/2 year survivor and so wish to emulate your success of 12 years.Best wishes for even greater success in beating this beast.


What a wonderful post...congratulations.  I am almost 4 & a half years out and I will be so happy to be able to post that I am a 5 yr survivor next May 7th.  Good wishes to you.

John,  I am so happy for you - and for all of us.  It is people like you that the rest of us try to emulate. 


Recently my lobectomy area was causing great pain - the docs thought it was new cells rubbing up against bone - or something like that.  When you are in such pain, I've realized you don't follow all the details~!  My oncologist decided drugs weren't working much anymore and sent me to Pain Management.  I don't know if this is a new area or not - but I ended up with this young, unprofessional doctor, whose administrative staff ran HIM~  Story goes from bad to worse.  But, suffice it to say, because I've been in our community enough years now, and the folks at LCA tell me "question, question" .... well, I fired him and on my own, found another hospital/doctor/pain management specialist and had this operation last week.  Nerves have been deadened, and I feel alive for the first time in a long time.


So - what's this got to do with you?  While in that surgery treatment center, I met many new nurses and doctors and they all were surprised that I'm a six year survivor.  Surprised and well, they treated me like a Rock Star~!.   That definitely set me to thinking and then I saw your post.  


There are a few of us, number growing, that represent a new population.  You are in the forefront and we so look to you for modeling and LCA helps us with our issues.  We have indeed come a long way.  And I'm very very happy to say Congrats John.  Keep it up.  "I" need you.     (:


We at LCA can be pushy like that huh, MEK? ;-)  I am SO GLAD you are feeling better! And you SHOULD be treated like a rock star! 



Good morning John  what a way to start the day with your inspiring news.  Gives all of us here hope and encouragment, I just passed my 2yrs.Lots to look forward to.  Julie


Hi everyone, thank you for the well wishes. I am so happy to be able to share my anniversary with you all. I really want you all to know that I followed doctors orders for the most part. I never did any special diets or any alternate things. I did really use my primary care to run things by before I did anything. He helped make me feel comfortable and what a relief it was to have someone knowledgeable to speak with. Other than that it was right by the books. I know I'm a saint but not that much of one to have a miracle happen. You can ask my wife shel'll confirm that I'm no saint ! Haha
God bless, John 


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