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Type 3 a lung cancer/ alreafy 100% totl & Pernament for PTSD

 I am a Vietnam Survicor.. Served with 3rd Marine div in 1967-68. I am on Total 100% pernament for PTSD.I am also a Prostate Survivor. I was recently diagnoises with state 3 a Squmous Cell with Endocrine features. I start Chemo and Radiation on 4/4/2011.Will I be able to receive Aid and Attendance?

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Hi Dancer, welcome to LLL. I am also a veteran. Thank you for your service in Nam.  I would think you could get something from the V.A. You will find lots of information on this site. There are many here are are going through and have gone through what you are going through and give give lots of support as well as information.... Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...




David , Thanks for your reply. looking forward to learning more information. God Bless and have a good day. Dancer



Thank you for your service to our country. Also, thank you for posing your question, which is so important to all veterans. I am not sure how the rules work as you are already permanently disabled but you should definitely check it out. Vietnam vets who served in country and who develop lung cancer (and other diseases including prostate cancer) are presumed to have had exposure to Agent Orange, which likely lead to the development of those diseases. More information can be found in the attached file (Service-Connected Disability Compensation for Exposure to Agent Orange)--see page 7 for the specifics on who qualifies. If you already have a Service Officer, check with him/her to see if you are eligible for further compensation. If you do not have an officer, you can search for one on the VA website: That form seems confusing to me but if you just tick the VSO Representative choice and enter your city, state, and zip code, you will get a list of officers in your area.


I hope this information is helpful! Let me know if you need more help, or feel free to call LCA's toll-free information line at 1 (800) 298-2436.






Hi Dancer,


I was curious about the term "Aid and Attendance" because I have not heard of it before, so I looked around a little. I found some info that might be helpful to you here: This seems to imply that you would be eligible based on paperwork to prove a need for care services. This section has the full criteria:


Hope that helps too. And thank you for serving!





My understanding is that as soon as you have 2 100% P&T disabilities you get the Aid and attendance. If the new disease hasn't been rated yet you need to have that done. Would be happy to help any way I can.


Dancer:  I, too, am a survivor of the Nam............'67-'70.  Have 100%F+T Disability for NSCLC.  Also some for PTSD and other things, but for your question, I was informed those of us rated at 100% qualify for all benefits from VA, including Aid & Assistance.  More than that, you need to check w/your vet rep, as you may qualify for a greater stipend each month.....found out there can be more than the listed max, depending on situation/diagnosis.


Hang in there brother.........and let me know what I can do to help.  Semper Fi.



Thank you guys and all you veterans for keeping mine and my family safe all these years. I am a 3A NSCLC survivor of 11 years . Hang in there . You can beat this !
God bless, John


Thanks for the information brother

I let you know how things work out.


Semper Fi



I just want to thank all you guys for being part of our community.  Every event, every group, and even most in the cancer center chemo center are women.  I love my sisters .... don't get me wrong.  But I sure am glad to have some brothers among us~!


Hugs to you all!    mekbride

Ya know what.........sisters/brothers or whatever, in the words of that WILDLY famous song from the dark ages (dating myself here, dontcha know)  WE ARE FAM-I-LY!!!!!


Not one of us can do this thing without all of us behind him or her..........let's keep it rolling....


Just love those hugs!!!!





I know several months have passed since your post but did you ever get help with this?  I recently sit through a seminar of a gentleman out of the Franklin, TN area that helps vets who served during war time get benefits for living in retirement type homes and his service is free because it is his ministery to vets.  Please add me as a friend and contact me privately and I will give you his information if you would like.  Not sure if he can actually help with your need but he might point you in the right directions since he deals with these government agencies.


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