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was recently diagosed with small cell lung cancer carcinoma Stage 3.  Going for Bone Scan.  Doc said 2 yrs.,, without treatment, 5 with.  Has anyone been cured?

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Hi Ronni, I really don't know what the statistics say about Stage III SCLC but I would personally not put much faith in what the statistics say. The stats for 5 year survival are 5 years old and lots has changed. I never considered myself to be a statistic and did the best I could do for me and so far it has worked out well. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



Worked out well for you?  How??  I just got diagnosed... going thru motions of what needs to be done for chemo.  Does it work??  Is this something that is individual or made to order for all? 

Hi Ronni, 

Is it small cell or non-small cell? Usually in the US, small cell lung cancer is staged as limited or extensive. 

Here's something to consider when it comes to what the doctor says: Let's say you get 5 years with treatment (which no one can guarantee either way. You might get 1 or you might get 20!). Many of the breakthroughs that we have seen in lung cancer have happened in the last 10 years, some on the last 5. My guess is that even more treatment options will come within the next 5 years and one of them could be the one that knocks your cancer out. 

There are "five year survival" statistics for all cancers. I don't put much stock in them personally. There was a time when I did. But by now I have seen far too many people who have not fit into those neat and tidy statistical numbers so I don't really see them as useful. What I mean is, I have seen many people long outlive their statistical expectation. 


small cell.  When talking to the doctor (first visit) this week, he said that without treatment 2 yrs., with treatment he has seen patients live 5 with a full life.  There is no cure rate... yet I read that there is.  It is confusing.

Hi again Ronni, all we read about cure rates and 5 year survival rates is indeed very confusing. From all I've read it really boils down to the fact that cancer is different in all of us. Some will respond well to chemo and other will not respond as well. It's a hard road and you just have to know that there are very many people have been cured by chemo, surgery and radiation. I would also add that there are many things that we as patients should do to help the process. We have to live a healthy lifestyle which includes a good diet, getting as much exercise as possible and keeping our attitudes up there. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



Hi there your e-mail and some of the replies.  I too had SCLC, diagnosed in 1992.  So there a few of us stilll here.  I am a bit perplexed by how you are decribing your stage of SCLC as in it being Stage III.  SCLC is usually staged as limited or extensive. It does not get described as being in "stages".  It does sound as if you checked this out w/your doctor but I would recheck again, maybe with someone else, to be sure about things.

The other thing you should know is that there are survivors at any points in this illness.  Many factors come into play regarding survivorship.  In other words a statistic is a number but remember you are your own unique set of cells, differrent from everyone else.  Take care of your spirit through this and surrond yourself with those whom you love and those who love you.  Wishing you the very best...bronie

Hi Ronni, just in case I'm a 12 yr survivor of stage 3A non small cell lung cancer. I went through chemo, radiation and surgery. It certainly wasn't fun but it is very doable. Everybody reacts differently to treatments so be aware and if something doesn't seem right or feel right tell your medical team. When you are first diagnosed it gets very confusing at first. I know I went to doc appointments and swore they told me this or that only to find out I only heard what I wanted to hear. I think it was self preservation at that time. I had to bring someone with me to appoitmemts so they could tell me what they heard. It gets easier but at first there is do much they hit you with . It happens to a lot of us. Come back here with more questions and we'll be glad to add our 2cents.
Good luck, John 

Thanx for replying.  and thanx for the information.  My diagnosis was SCLC not Non.  Last June I decided to get checked by doctors, eliminate things just for general health. Having been laid off in 2008 and unable to find work.... before a full depressions set in and I gained more weight. In a year I have lost 76lbs., I am hoping it is from the diet I changed and went back to before kids.   It hasn't been a week since being told... it is confusing... I didnt feel anything except a cough.  

thanx for replying. Today I will go online and visit Sloan Kettering.  See waht I can find out and get a second opinion. Yesterday I had a bone scan and a host of radiology techs telling me that I am in the best country to get treatment and to learn what I can and be my own advocate in this. They too broke it down in to stages so what you are saying is new and confusing.

Memorial Sloan Kettering is one of the best. Most of the larger treatment centers conduct tumor boards so you are in effect getting second, third, fourth opinions. Also, our lungs do not have many pain sensory nerves so many times we don't have any symptoms and by the time we do, it means our tumors have grown to surrounding areas or into the bronchi that have these pain sensory nerves. I only had a cough and occasionally coughed up a small amount of blood which I attributed to broken blood vessels in my throat from coughing. I was also short of breath but didn't think much of that either as I was a smoker at the time.  Keep us posted please.   Good luck, God bless and keep the faith...



thanx.  I have faith and I am hopnig it holds steady.   A cough and constant feel of being congested lead to me to pulmonary specialist and it was his biospy results that gave me the answer to my problem.  Wasnt expecting it.. as I had had pnuemonia and walking pnuemonia many times before.  I have decided not to reach out to Sloan Kettering nor Cancer Centers of America.  The group of doctors I have I am told are some of the best in this area... so why go any further... they are all within a less than a only a few miles from my home.  Next week, things are happening so fast, chemo starts.  I have spent little time in reading what is on lione as each patient is different so I keep to the 'general, over all' effects and will wait and see what happens.  This week I am 'cleaning my apt' so that things are organized just incase I want, need or take a days off to veg.  I dont mean to veg in piy... I am also going thru our movie collection and tuning up the VCR/DVD player. 

Hello Ronni, I was diagnosed with terminal (2/3 months) small cell lung cancer in 1993  Asked for and received the strongest chemo and radiation available at that time, and was back at work 1 year after my treatment had ended. Then in 2007 I was diagnosed with non small cell (Lower lobectomy) I am now retired but with a regular exercise programme I am still going strong and continue to do all my own gardening.  My advice is to just go for it.



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