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I've noticed food is a big discussion here.  Saw this and thought of all of you.  It is from LIz Szabo, healthcare reporter, USAToday.

What to cook when cancer hits

Doctors often instruct cancer patients to eat well to keep up their strength.  But for cancer patients, getting through a simple meal can be a challenge. Radiation treatments can burn the throat, making it painful to swallow. Chemotherapy can cause patients to develop
mouth sores or leave people nauseated. Other patients find that chemo
takes away their sense of smell or alters their sense of taste.

Two books from the American Cancer Society aim to help both patients and their caregivers overcome these hurdles. The Complete Guide to Nutrition for Cancer Survivors ($24.95), published this year, explains how good nutrition can help boost the immune system and fight fatigue.

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment ($19.95), published last year, offers 100 recipes to help patients cope with six major symptoms of treatment. For instance, there's a brie and apple grilled cheese for patients coping with nausea. Most recipes take only 30 minutes to make.

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Hope this helps both patients and caregivers!



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Thanks, Niti! It's sometimes a challenge when my mom isn't feeling well to figure out what to cook. I know I can never go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich and chicken soup. Bland foods usually work with her. Sounds like an interesting book, thanks for letting us know!


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