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Friends,  In these last few years I've seen and participated in many discussions from diagnosis to surgery and chemo to recurrence.   But I've not seen your thoughts on when 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'


After two operations, and three different chemos over these last six years, I found the last chemo to be doing more damage than good.  There no longer was talk of a cure.  From now on it was 'keep it in check.'  So I then faced life on chemo.  It turned out to be 'life in bed' as my legs and feet became immoveable.  Like being paralzyed.  i had always suffered with neuropathy but this time it crept into my hands and it became impossible to type.  And walking was no longer something I could do.


After what I think was careful consideration, one day last month when I was to get chemo, I told the oncologist I'd had it.  I have no idea when the end might come but I wanted it to be on my terms and I wanted to walk.


Since then I put myself into Hospice and it's been a wonderful experiene.  There are now lots of people taking care of me, they all have different missions.    And since this time, feeling in my hands has returned and I can walk.  Not well.  I fall a lot - but i have canes, a walker and a scooter.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate things I took for granted!


But here's my question to you .... would you have done the same thing?  Will you?  What would go into your thinking?  Do you feel this is 'giving up' or just 'going your way' ....   I would love to hear your thoughts.



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Hi mekbride, thank you for your lovely story, I am 51 and was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with non small cell lung cancer, stage three. Since then I too have been through surgery, various chemos and radiations, and am currently on a maintenance plan of chemo, every three weeks ( Alimta). It is shrinking the cancer, and gives me hope for some day a future without chemo, even though the doctor does not say so. I fully believe that if my body can hold up to it long enough the cancer will go and I can hope for a few free years without drugs. After reading your story, I would have said "enough" also considering how sick the chemo was making you and how you have more qaulity of life without it. I know that when that time comes for me,I will be less afraid after reading about how much easier life is for you and your husband.

                                                                                              Thank you again for sharing, Alisa 


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