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one year - sometimes long ago and sometimes feels like yesterday

so this week is my one year anniversary of being in the hospital and getting my diagnosis after surgery of stage IV nsclc Adenocarcinoma -I had no symptoms at all and had I not had divaticulitus (Sp?) I would never had known I had lung cancer.
next step was a PET scan and that came back clean, no hot spots so I thought I was ok but they wanted to do biop to be sure this is all during hurricane Sandy
so i was delayed twice for surgery due to power outages

i then spent 4 days in ICU with a drain for the fluid that was around my right lung - and recovery from all the biopsy's done and was told in recovery that i had cancer. I dont really remember much from that moment and i think i am ok with that.

But happily the cancer has not spread any further than it was. iIt is in the lining of my lung and in my lung. Since then i have gone 6 rounds with cicplatin alimta and avastin every three weeks and now just Alimta and Avastin every 3 weeks - 3 CT scans after every 4 treatments
I am looking forward and dreading at the same time my CT scan in the coming weeks. Most days are good days beating back the cancer and once in awhile i have a pity party for myself, by myself and then move on.

I was afraid to talk to people, to join a support group because i didnt want to know what would be coming my way as my cancer progressed so it took me this whole year to join a support group, and looking back now i am so sorry
i waiting - you all have been great in the few weeks i have been on -
So i want to say thanks to my new friends here - you really have helped me

I am not a great writer but this is from my heart

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Comment by Tammy Simon on November 18, 2013 at 1:15pm
Hello Ruth,
My Lung cancer was found by mistake also when I went to the emergency room seven years ago for rectum bleeding it was my colon but they did a cat scan and because my was located in the middle lobe of my right lung the scan picked it up..I vaguely remember a guy saying to me you have a spot on your lung that u need to get checked out. But anyways I was dx with stage 3B after all test because my did spread. I had hot spots on my PET scan besides my lung. So I did 6 months of can't quite remember the names I know it was eight hours every time I went in I couldn't do radiation because my left lung was not functional and they were afraid I would end up living with a breathing tube coming out of my lung for the rest of my life. So we were very scared as my doctor was not optimistic. he told me I could do the first six then have to do another round and on and on but nope...My scan came back back pretty clean so we started to do Avastin by itself every three weeks alone..I did this treatment up until Feb 2013 then had to come off as my kinneys were shutting down. Yes, I get anxious like everyone else when it's time to do cat scans. In fact I have one next month so the cycle will began on emotions. My COPD that's gotten worse even tho I've quit smoking over seven years I jus think it's my left lung making my breathing harder? I get a little depressed because my daily activities has slow down but I try to use my treadmill with my concentrator at 10 and still some days has trouble doing it and of course that means a few extra pounds on that I have trouble burning off. But I keep saying my prayers and asking God to keep giving the strength everyday because I know there are ppl out there worse off than me. It took me a year or more to really be able to talk about my cancer with out crying. Then I stayed mad I guess it's like your grieving a death of someone. But I've gotten better with the emotions as I believe you will also. I used to look on the websites for support but every time I would I get even more depressed so my doctors told me to stay off the web sites. So it took me a long time to find this one. I really like this one as you learn so much from other ppl and know your not the only one going through what you r going through. So hope and pray you keep doing well and know your always listen with our eyes. So I'm gathering your still doing treatments. Are they treating you as maintenance or is your Cancer still active. just watch your kidneys with that advastin. Make sure you drink lots of water to flush I'm sure they tell u that. God Bless
Comment by Ruth on November 14, 2013 at 10:18pm
Thank you, it really is helping
Comment by jdfly1023 on November 13, 2013 at 12:29am
Hi Ruth glad you are hear. Congrats on your 1 year.

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