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At 3:44pm on September 17, 2011, Kimberley said…

Hi, right now he will not eat anything today he had 2oz of a chocolate shake with ensure, a bite of jello, maybe 5 bites of canned fruit cocktail, and maybe a bite of sherbert and that is pretty good, yesterday all he had was about 3ozs of a chocolate shake all day.  he says he has a lot of phlegm making it harder so he does not want to eat because of that.  I called the dr and just put a transderm patch on him that is supposed to help with secretions.  I know to give him more calories and i tell him that but he won't do it, it almost seems like he does not want to even try to do that he is being stubborn and just wants what he wants.  I bought some whey protein and put it in something with out telling him until he asked and now i just found out from someone else that he thinks i am putting it in everything without telling him and so he does not want anything i give him. I don't know whether that is true or not but that concerns me i am not sneaking it into anything and if i was he says he can't taste anything anyway so shy should it matter.  I am just beside myself and feel like no matter what I can't help him and that no matter how hard i try he keeps fighting me.   

At 9:37pm on September 15, 2011, Kimberley said…

Hi Kelly,

My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer about 7 wks ago.  I see you talking about nutrition and eating and i worry about him he barely eats anything and when he does eat is sugar cereal and very little of it maybe 2 bites or canned fruit a worry he is not getting enough calories or any protein, when i make suggestions like whey protein or protein drinks he gets upset with me and says he is doing his best. I feel like he is fighting me when i just want to help. 

At 2:26pm on August 8, 2011, HollyJo/MOD said…

Welcome Kelly!

I have been very pro-active with a nutrition based approach in my husbands care. He has Stage4 Lung Cancer. He is currently in remission, and we are hoping to keep him that way. 

 I know most Health Care Professionals put little or no weight in Nutrition when battling cancer, so I'm excited for you to be here!



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